Patrycja Slawuta is an Sydney-based, NYC-educated and Poland-born behavioural scientist, successful entrepreneur, and life-long learner.

After spending 10+ years in academia, Patrycja founded SelfHackathon, a NYC-based global boutique behavioural consultancy of scientists that applies evidence-based research to help organizations and enterprises navigate the complexities of human nature in the face of disruption, change and uncertainty.

After being chosen specifically by the Australian Government to migrate to Australia in March 2020 as a part of its Global Talent Program, Patrycja founded Unlab, a WA-based company whose mission is to take behavioural science out of the laboratory and into life through in-depth research initiatives, immersive learning programs and evidence-based consultations.

Patrycja believes the human mind is the world’s most untapped natural resource. As such, her mission is to give people and organizations clear frameworks and practical tools to meaningfully and efficiently mine their own minds in order to find purpose, clarity and alignment. In her free time she runs marathons (29 so far), reads (audiobooks) and meditates. In that particular order.