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Associate Membership

Membership Details

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open by invitation to “trusted advisers”.

Associate Membership includes access to PWN luncheons and forums across Australia, New Zealand and Asia at no additional cost. Members can also access our online knowledge base, including podcast interviews, webinars, articles and more.

Why Join PWN?

Trusted advisors to family offices, individuals and families of significant wealth join PWN to:

Share knowledge and engage with their UHNW clients and the wider UHNW community in Australia, providing thoughtful advice in a ‘safe-harbour’ environment

Explore the complexities of inter-generational wealth planning, succession, wealth psychology and family education, and find out what strategies successful families have implemented

Discuss the latest local and international investment trends & opportunities for UHNW investors

Investigate philanthropy, social enterprise and giving case studies for UHNWs

Interact with a national and international network of UHNW members: program of 50+ lunches, briefings, and forums each year across Asia, Australia and New Zealand

Browse our podcast interviews, articles and recorded presentations on Members section of our website