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Member Connect 

Tuesday 30 May   2:40pm – 4:15pm 

Our Member Connect table discussions will give you the opportunity to meet others with similar interests, questions and challenges early into your Family Office Congress experience.

What to expect

The Member Connect could be described as organised chaos with multiple conversations occurring at the same time!

Embrace the chaos and use this opportunity to engage in open and free discussion with other participants.

 During the session you will have the opportunity to:

  • Connect with other members in smaller groups.
  • Share ideas on common interests.
  • Discuss specific questions, issues and challenges and draw on the wisdom of the crowd for feedback.

How it will work

  • Tables are split between ‘Special Interest’ Groups and ‘Thought-Provoker’ topics.
  • Each table will be assigned a lead who will help kick-off the conversation.
  • Other table participants are encouraged to contribute and share.
  • At 40 minutes, there will be an opportunity to move to a different table/conversation or you can stay where you are!

Table Topics and Leads

Special Interest Groups

Table 1 – Impact & ESG Special Interest Group – Cathy Scalzo (VIC Member)

Table 2 – Property Owners Special Interest Group – Kris Vogelsong (PWN Facilitator)

Table 3- Family Office CEO Special Interest Group – Clyde McConaghy (PWN Facilitator) 

Table 4- Family Foundations Special Interest Group – Jenna Liang (PWN Facilitator) & Jason Franklin (Guest Facilitator)

Table 5- Women in Wealth – Lyn Hawkins (PWN Facilitator) 

Table 6- Assessing Deal Flow – Adam Murchie (VIC Member)

Table 7- Investor vs Collector (for art and wine lovers!) – Paul Chamberlain (WA Member)

Table 8- Collecting Gemstones – Doris Hangartner (SING Member)

 Thought-Provoker Discussion Groups

Table 9- Silver, Wooden or No Spoons at All: How do I make sure that wealth will not ruin our children? Patrycja Slawuta, Behavioural Psychologist & Founder, SelfHackathon & UnLab

Table 10- How can we create a transparency mindset within the Family Office? Jono Herrman (NSW Member)

Table 11- What can we learn from the series “Succession” about how to navigate conflict within the family? David Werdiger (VIC Member)

Table 12- How do we get greater focus on commercialising medical research out of Australia.  Steve Arnott, CEO & Board Member, Perron Institute

Table 13- How might blockchain technology and tokenisation create new opportunities for socially responsible investments? Lisa Wade, CEO, Digital X

Table 14- Ask me anything! Evana Lithgow, Managing Partner, Working Minds NZ

Table 15- Working Group on Social & Affordable Housing, Alan Duncan (PWN Facilitator) 

Table 16*-  The Intuitive Process – A Live Demonstration. Suparna Bhasin (VIC Member) & Mala Sundareshan, Director, Children and Teen Programs, The Art of Living  

*this session will be hosted in the Phillip Room