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Enduring Ideas: New Opportunities

 “A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death.”
John F Kennedy

Monday 29 May 2023
10:45AM - 4:00PM


Family Office Technology Masterclass

A deep dive of Family Office technology solutions and challenges. We explore how to select and implement technology that is “fit for purpose,” what to insource/outsource, as well as understanding your Family Office’s specific priorities and needs. Hear from leading experts on how technology will continue evolving and integrating within the Family Office space.

View the full program here 

Tax & Trusts Update Masterclass

In this session, learn about the latest tax, trusts and legal updates – what’s changed, what’s stayed the same and how this will impact private investors, trust beneficiaries and trustees.

View the full program here

Masterclass Registrations:

*Please note registrations for the Masterclasses are separate from Congress.
Members: Please register for the Masterclasses via our PWN Community Hub HERE
Non-Members: Please reach out to if you are interested in participating

Monday 29 May 2023
6:00PM - 10:00PM

Private Member & Guest Dinner

We invite you to join us for a unique opportunity to meet PWN Members, speakers and other guests from Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. Dinner will be held at The Calyx, located within the heart of the beautiful Royal Botanic Gardens.

*To our guests and non-members, please kindly note this dinner is by invitation only.

Tuesday 30 May 2023
7:45AM - 5:00PM

7:45am – Registration Opens

8:30am – Welcome to Country Ceremony

8:40am – Welcome to Congress

8:55am – Keynote Presentation |  POWER DYNAMICS IN THE FAMILY

[Location: Grand Ballroom]

James Evans, Director, Bell Shakespeare Company

Shakespeare was fascinated with the complexities of family dynamics. His political dramas are well known, but he also shone a light on the domestic, delivering profound insights into the power dynamics within families.

The sibling rivalry between British Royals Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry illustrates a real-life family power dynamic capturing public attention today.

This session will reveal the inner workings of Shakespeare’s wealthy and powerful dynasties, exploring how family relationships can impact the grand narratives of politics and history.

We will explore how:

  • Human nature has changed very little in 400 years. Shakespeare’s plays provide deep insights into our behaviour and relationships
  • Shakespeare understood that the better you know someone, the better you know how to hurt and manipulate them
  • Plays like ”King Lear”, ”Hamlet” and ”Richard III” show the devastating effects of a toxic family power dynamic


[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Caroline Bailey, 3rd Generation Gallo Family Member (United States)

Celebrating 90 years in business, E. & J. Gallo is the largest family-owned winery in the world with a global portfolio of over 100 unique wine and spirit brands. Caroline will share her journey coming from two successful entrepreneurial families, working in the family business and finding her own way as a catalyst for family unity.

She will explore the importance of:

  • Keeping family members engaged
  • Creating ongoing value for the family
  • Staying relevant across generations

10:40am – 11:20am

11:20am – 1:20pm

Member Stage (Grand Ballroom 1)
Hear from members and their different perspectives on how they are making their wealth meaningful.

Future Gen & Innovation Stage (Grand Ballroom 2)
Look into the future and hear about entrepreneurship, business innovation, impact and more.

Investment Stage (Hyde Park Room)
Learn how other families are investing for their Family and Family Office.


(30 min session) 

(45 min session) 

(30 min session) 

(30 min session) 


Building a Legacy from Scratch

Matthew Hyder, PWN Member Australia (G4) & Founder, Legacy Property

Matthew is the descendant of a prominent Fort Worth Texas family who has owned oil and property businesses for over 100 years. Matthew will share the story of what brought him from Texas to Australia and how an entrepreneurial vision, perseverance, and passion for creating successful companies and positive social impact are helping him to build a legacy of his own making.

Life as a Unicorn Start-Up

Douglas English, PWN Member Australia (G1) & Founder, Culture AMP

It’s the dream of many tech companies to become a unicorn but what does that actually mean? Douglas English shares his journey with Culture Amp so far.

Property Investing for the Family:
A Global Perspective

Peter Knell, PWN Member New Zealand (G1), Managing Director, KCB Family Entity Management

Peter shares his investment journey and the evolution of his portfolio in the United States and New Zealand, and addresses the nuances and opportunities in each market.

(45 min session) 

The Power of Perception

Evana Lithgow, Psychologist & Founder, Working Minds

An interactive and dynamic discussion with PWN members on the topic of perception, including:

a) why it is relevant for parents, next-gen and advisors;
b) the impact of perception; and
c) how it can be leveraged for good

Next Gen Entrepreneurship: A 5th Gen Perspective

Priyavrata Mafatlal (G5), Vice Chairman, Arvind Mafatlal Group (India)

A fifth-generation entrepreneur shares their unique perspectives on the challenges of innovating a 118-year-old family business.

Investing in Decarbonisation:
Paving the Way for the Energy Future

Anna Rose, Founder, Groundswell Giving & Environmental Leadership Australia

Adam Milgrom, Co-Founder, Tripple

Emily Albert, Head of Impact, Alberts & Alberts Impact Ventures

Jon-paul Cox, CEO, Canopy Blue

Our panel will discuss the latest trends and developments within the decarbonisation landscape and evaluate potential investment opportunities.

(30 min session) 

The Intuitive Process

Suparna Bhasin, PWN Member Australia & Co-Founder, Maitri Foundation

Mala Sundareshan, Director, Children and Teen Programs, The Art of Living  

Understand how to nurture your child’s intuition and why this process is useful in building capabilities in the next generation.

Changing Trends in Giving

Dr Jason Franklin (G4), Founder, Ktisis Capital (United States)

Join Dr Jason Franklin for a fast-paced conversation where he will offer the latest insights and best practices on how families effectively engage in multi-generational giving. Discuss some approaches to achieving impact through philanthropy gaining the most attention today, including pooled funding, trust-based philanthropy and deep grantee collaboration.

The Impact of Changing Demographics on the Global Investment Landscape

Lakshman Anantakrishnan, Head of Investment Strategy, ANZ Private

Millennials and Gen-Z are overtaking baby boomers as the dominant generation; the middle class is rising, and emerging economies are developing into global powerhouses. Over the coming decade, this change will add to an increasingly volatile world. However, with volatility and change comes opportunity and the need for investments that benefit from secular change but also help protect against the subsequent risks. Lakshman discusses the potential implications of changing demographics on managing long-term capital.

1:20pm – 2:50pm

Connect and collaborate with fellow PWN members and peers over the lunch break. This is an exciting opportunity to exchange stories, experiences, ideas and advice on any important issues or areas to you and your family.

Hungry for more content? Join one of our insightful lunchtime sessions.
Sessions run from 1:40pm–2:40pm. See below:

Lunch Session Perspectives and Lessons Learned in 25 Years of Investing in Private Equity 
1:40pm – 2:40pm

[Location: Hyde Park Room]

Tim Sims AM, Founder, Pacific Equity Partners (PEP)

Join Tim, founding partner of Pacific Equity Partners (PEP), one of Australasia’s oldest and largest private equity firms, in an interactive and engaging discussion where he will explore perspectives and lessons learned in 25 years of investing in this asset class. Tim will share the following: 

  • A founder’s perspective on culture, longevity and the values that underpin the company’s investment decision-making
  • The unique way PEP thinks about investing
  • Trends in private equity globally and why it is a potentially interesting opportunity for family offices

Lunch Session | Is a Global Recession Looming?  Risks and Opportunities for Private Investors
1:40pm – 2:40pm

[Location: Phillip Room]

Chris Joye, Founder, Coolabah Capital Investments

Join Chris as he discusses the drivers of the global economy and whether a global recession is looming. Chris will outline the risks and opportunities that private investors will face in the market and how to best take advantage of them.


[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Our Peer Group and Member Connect table discussions will give you a really valuable opportunity to reconnect with your peer groups and others with similar interests early into your Family Office Congress XIV experience. This is your chance to participate and share your ideas while sharing views with other PWN Members on various topics suited to all interests.

Round 1 – 2:45pm
Round 2 – 3:30pm

For a full list of table topics and table hosts, click here

Special Member Connect | Removing bias from founder selection: How diversity boosts returns
3:30pm – 4:15pm

[Location: Hyde Park Room]

Michael Kron, Capital Director, and Anthony Millet, Global Partner,

Antler is a global asset manager specialising in early stage VC. They have a portfolio of ~820 startups across ~15 funds and a total portfolio value of more than US$3.9Bn. Join Michael as he shares Antler’s perspective on their approach to early-stage startup investing as one of the world’s leading supporters of founders launching and scaling startups.

We’ll explore with founder case studies:

  • Access to entrepreneurship for exceptional people not served by existing VCs
  • How Antler leverage data and remove bias when selecting founders
  • How Antler’s approach leads to founder diversity, more impact companies and a diversified portfolio
  • Q&A with UpCover Founders


[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Peter Edwards, PWN Member Australia, Managing Director, Victor Smorgon Group & 3rd Generation Smorgon family member 

In this fireside chat, Peter will reflect on his experience leading the Victor Smorgon Group for over 25 years and shares his insights on what it takes to build a successful and enduring business. He will discuss:

  • Family roles and responsibilities: from passive shareholder to active employee, fostering a strong sense of purpose and aligned values
  • Governance: the structures, reporting, discussions, actions taken to become one of the largest and most established family offices in Australia
  • Vision for the future: what does the next 10 years look like – including incoming fourth generation involvement and moving out of the CEO role


Wednesday 31 May 2023
7:30AM - 3:45PM

7:30am – Registration Opens

7:30am – 8:30am – Optional Breakfast Session | Private Wealth and the Growing Opportunity in Alternative Assets

[Location: Phillip Room]

Kyle Lidbury, Head of Investment Research, Perpetual

Australia’s pool of superannuation assets represents one of the top five pools of retirement assets globally. However, recent super fund regulations have led institutions to reduce allocations to alternatives, forcing asset managers to find new pools of investors to raise capital. Alternative assets present a fantastic opportunity to access diversifying strategies and markets. However, it is important to remember that significantly wealthy individuals and families have significant differences relative to institutions.
In this session, Kyle Lidbury explores:
  • The opportunities to access alternative assets
  • The unique challenges and risks that investors face when committing capital to this heterogeneous and differentiated asset class

7:30am – 8:30am – Optional Breakfast Session | The Financial Revolution: Bringing together digital assets and impact investing

[Location: Hyde Park Room]

Lisa Wade, CEO, Digital X

In this interactive Q&A session, Lisa will share her views on why digital assets drive a financial revolution.

We will discuss:

  • The role of blockchain technology and real-world asset tokenisation in creating new opportunities for impact investing in the real estate sector
  • How tokenisation of real-world assets could open up new opportunities for Family Offices
  • Other benefits of real-world asset tokenisation

Lisa will also share some examples of Digital Assets and Impact Investing in practice.

8:40am – Opening Remarks & Day 1 Reflections

8:45am – Keynote Session | ILLUSIONS OF TIME

[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Nathan Sibthorpe, Director, Counterpilot 

Time is slippery. According to contemporary neuroscience, “now” is an illusion created by our brain. We can’t perceive the immediate present because our senses can’t process data fast enough. Instead, we have to create the present. And so we do, over and over each day.

But why does time seem to speed up as we get older? How is AI technology affecting our experience of the present?

In this immersive session, Nathan Sibthorpe explores a new perspective on time that challenges how we might manage our most precious asset – the minutes and seconds we have on this earth.

9:45am – Keynote Session | WHAT DOES LEGACY MEAN TO ME? 

[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Clare Ainsworth Herschell, Co-Founder, Groundswell Giving & 3rd Generation Ainsworth family member

Adam Milgrom, Co-Founder, Tripple & 3rd Generation Besen family member 

Priyavrata Mafatlal, Vice-Chairman, Arvind Mafatlal Group & 5th Generation Mafatlal Family member

In this closing fireside chat, we are joined by three dynamic wealth inheritors who will share ideas on why embracing your own legacy is imperative, and how everyone has the power to create impact and shape the values and behaviours that will endure for generations to come.

10:30am – 11:10am

11:10am – 1:10pm

Future Gen & Innovation Stage (Grand Ballroom 1)
Look into the future and hear about entrepreneurship, business innovation, impact and more.

Member Stage (Grand Ballroom 2)
Hear from members and their different perspectives on how they are making their wealth meaningful.

Investment Stage (Hyde Park Room)
Learn how other families are investing for their Family and Family Office.


(45 min session) 

(30 min session) 

(30 min session) 

(45 min session) 

Practical Advice from Future Family Leaders & Family Office Execs to Engage the Rising Gen

Jane Flanagan, Director, Family Office Advisory, Northern Trust (United States)

Many families struggle to find creative ways to engage rising generation members. Particularly, those who are starting careers and families in the family enterprise and Family Office. We review insights from Northern Trust’s ongoing research as well as PWN’s latest pulse survey on family dynamics.

How to Equip the Next Generation with the Responsibility that comes with Wealth

Patrycja Slawuta, Behavioural Psychologist & Founder, SelfHackathon & UnLab

Kendall Flutey, Founder, Banquer (New Zealand)

Donna Nicolof, Founder, Pāua Wealth Management (New Zealand)

A practical discussion on tools, strategies and tips in financial psychology and literacy for parents and future inheritors.

From Private Business to Private Investment: An Entrepreneur's Journey

Ben McHarg, PWN Member Australia

Facilitated by Jason Ellenport, Partner, Edison Growth Fund

Ben will share the lessons learned through experiencing a wealth event and his journey to becoming a private investor.

(30 min session) 

Our Philanthropy Journey

Stephen Sedgman, PWN Member Australia (G1) & Founder, Pilgrim Private

In conversation with Jill Robinson, CEO, Animals Asia Foundation

Hear how a family’s passion for animal welfare has led them on an extraordinary philanthropy journey.

Using Al to Map Mental Illness

Stephen Scheeler, Past Managing Director, Facebook (Australia & New Zealand) & CEO, Omniscient Neurotechnology

Learn about how revolutionary AI brain mapping software is being used to help detect and fight mental illness and why some of Australia’s largest families are backing it.

Plot a course, stick to it! Even in stormy weather.

Claire Smith, Head of Private Assets Sales, Schroders

Michael Hoffmann, Investor, The Myer Family Investments Limited

A fireside chat with Myer Family Investments discussing their private equity allocation, including how they have evaluated the risks, challenges and opportunities.

(30 min session) 

Making Wealth Meaningful by Enfranchising Australia's Marginalised Youth

Bernie Shakeshaft, Founder, BackTrack Youth Works

Niki Paramor (G2), Director, Leftfield Investments 

Bernie will share their experiences of harnessing philanthropy and private funding to support initiatives that make a real difference where it matters most.

The Just Jeans Story

Jason Kimberley, PWN Member Australia (G2) & Founder, Cool Australia

Jason’s journey from Just Jeans to Cool Australia is an inspiring story of personal and professional growth and a commitment to environmental sustainability. Hear Jason share his story, which is a powerful reminder that we all have the potential to impact the world around us positively and that it’s never too late to pursue our passions and make a difference.

INVESTMENT STAGE: Emerging Market Giants: How China and India are accelerating growth

Michael Stapleton, Managing Partner, FSAA Investment Managers

Rizy Mohanty, Portfolio Manager, FSAA Investment Managers

FSSA Investment Managers are specialists in Asia and Global Emerging Markets Investing. In this fireside chat, Michael Stapleton, Managing Partner of FSSA Investment Managers, will share insights from his 20 years of investing in emerging markets.

He will discuss:

– How large institutional investors are approaching investments in emerging market

– The companies best placed to benefit from China’s next phase of growth

– The importance of governance in Emerging Markets

1:10pm – 2:45pm

Connect and collaborate with fellow PWN members and peers over the lunch break. This is an exciting opportunity to exchange stories, experiences, ideas and advice on any important issues or areas to you and your family.

Hungry for more content? Join one of our insightful lunchtime sessions.
Sessions run from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. See below:

Lunch Session | Seven Factors that Drive Global Commodities
1:30pm – 2:30pm

[Location: Hyde Park Room]

Philippe JJ Comer, Partner and Portfolio Manager, PE Investments 

Commodities offer a distinct source of returns compared to stocks, property, and bonds. Therefore, by including commodities in a portfolio, investors can enjoy improved returns with lower volatility than portfolios without. In this discussion, Philippe will delve into the current drivers of commodity markets and the advantages of holding a long/short commodities portfolio.

2:45pm – Keynote Presentation | IMAGINING THE FUTURE OF YOUR FAMILY

[Location: Grand Ballroom]

Jason Franklin (G4) & Founder, Ktisis Capital (US)

In this closing Congress session, Jason Franklin, a 4th generation family member and advisor to families globally will reflect on the evolution of his own family and explore how connections, values and family dynamics have changed over time as well as the things that have endured.

3:30pm – Closing Remarks

3:45pm – End of Congress

*Timings are subject to change.