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Our Events

PWN offers numerous events to connect families and individuals, share ideas and learn from peers and engage and inspire. PWN Private membership includes access to all PWN events across Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

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Event Types

Peer Groups

PWN Peer Groups are regular groups hosted online for a maximum of 18 members. These meetings will occur 4-5 times a year offering a safe environment to share challenges and opportunities directly with other PWN members in this group. Peer Groups include those that are chapter based, which are typically held in-person as well as multi-chapter based, which are online with members globally.

Peer Groups on offer are: Family Wealth, Investment, Property Owners, ESG & Impact Investors, Family Leaders, Family Office CEO, Younger Generation, Philanthropy & Social Impact.
Members only.

Member Connect

PWN Member Connect is In-person meetings and social events that bring PWN members together across the year to share insights and challenges around the core PWN topics of Investment, Family Dynamics and Philanthropy.

Member Masterclass

PWN Member Masterclass allows PWN members, families and Family Offices across the PWN chapters to connect online. PWN Members are invited to share a personal skill or introduce an expert they are working with who may also interest other members. These sessions allow for wisdom from the crowd (PWN Membership) as we learn and up-skill together.

International Roundtables

PWN International Roundtables allow you to connect online with families and family offices globally, to share and learn from each others insights and challenges.

Family Office Congress

PWN Family Office Congress is Private Wealth Network’s (PWN) annual flagship gathering of members and world-class international and local presenters to share family insights. Bringing together our global community of families and individuals of significant wealth across 2-days, to connect, inspire and learn from each other.

Academy Courses

PWN Academy Courses are in depth workshops that provide members the chance to learn a key topic in a class style setting.

Insight Tours & Experiential Programs

PWN Insight Tours and Experiential Programs are crafted in conjunction with local families to give participants unique access to leading family members, investors, entrepreneurs and venues around the world through these experiences. It allows participants to meet, exchange ideas and form lasting connections with each other. Learn more about the upcoming Insight Tours here.

Full forward schedule

You can see the full forward schedule of online and in-person sessions, including PWN Peer Groups that we are holding across Australia and New Zealand for 2024 here