Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing in Isolation

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Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing in Isolation

Looking after your physical and mental health in these isolating times has become paramount for many of us and for the wider community.

In this session, we discovered insights into maintaining health and wellbeing for ourselves, frontline health workers and the wider community. We also discussed the questions: what can we learn from the current COVID-19 crisis and how can we be better prepared for the next epidemic?

We were joined in an online session by US-based Dr Kenneth Cooper, credited “father of aerobics” who shared his take on personal health and the COVID-19 crisis; as well as Dr Michael Millard, Consultant Psychiatrist, St Vincents Hospital in Sydney. Dr Millard is in charge of supporting mental health online for the wider community. Particularly, for those needing specialist care who are hit hardest by this crisis, as well as for the frontline health workers who need a huge amount of support during the coming months and years.

Together, we explored:

  • How do health professionals encourage us to stay physically fit and mentally healthy when indoors and under isolation?
  • How can we best manage our own and others mental health and wellbeing during this time?
  • How to cope with anxiety and how to deal with increased stress in a time of crisis?

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