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PWN Member & Co-Founder, Maitri Foundation (AUS)

Suparna is an inspirational speaker, philanthropist and longtime meditator. Her goal is to bring ancient Vedic practices, such as meditation, breath work and yoga, to different communities around the globe. Suparna holds a Master of Arts in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Suparna is co-founder of the MaiTri Foundation, along with her husband, Peter Cooper. The MaiTri Foundation is the private family foundation of Peter and Suparna, focusing on helping solve the mental health crisis and spreading the philosophy of individual rights and freedom for an enlightened and sustainable world.

In 2018, Suparna dedicated her time and resources to making a meaningful impact and creating lasting change through her charitable activities. This included taking a board position with the Australian chapter of the International Association for Human Values.

In addition to the significant number of organisations Suparna supports through the MaiTri Foundation, Suparna is committed to funding signature initiatives that address global challenges through culture change strategies.