H.E. Don Sergio A. Fernandez de Cordova de Veyga

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Chairman, PVBLIC Foundation (PER/ESP)

Sergio is an entrepreneur with a family history going back over 900 years. He is an internationally recognised leader across various industries with a common theme of developing innovative public-private multi-stakeholder governance models, from shaping social impact initiatives, regulatory frameworks to smart city policy & programs.

Over the last two decades he has founded, invested and/or participated in over 23 companies, rolled up & acquired over 19 companies and has been involved in raising over 750m across his career. Most notably know for building one of Americas fastest growing billboard companies, Fuel Outdoor, from zero to top 3 privately owned in the USA sold to Van Wagner in 2012 and exiting his next venture a Smart City company 5 years later, P3 Global Management to Portobello Capital.

Today he is the Executive Chairman of PVBLIC Foundation and P3 Smart City Partners, Inc.