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Jon-paul Cox, CEO, Canopy Blue

Jon-paul grew up with a passion for nature and love of the ocean. Coming from a finance and business development background, he has spent the past five years focused on nature-based solutions to climate change, decarbonisation, and environmental offsetting. Jon-paul joined Canopy Blue on a mission to restore the oceans, through hyper-scale seaweed cultivation and restoration sites, with the capacity to sequester giga-tonnes CO2 and deliver a carbon neutral replacement for fossil fuels.

Canopy Blue is pioneering hyperscale seaweed cultivation to sequester CO2, restore the oceans and deliver a carbon neutral replacement for fossil fuels. Their first scalable infrastructure, designed with partner GHD, is on track for deployment in June 2023. Whilst their Kelp Restoration project with The University of Western Australia, has issued its first 80,000 Kelp Reforestation Credits. Canopy Blue will own and operate its own sites, licence it’s technology globally and generate high-quality verifiable environmental credits from sequestering and mitigating the release of gigatonnes of CO2 over the coming decades and reversing the harmful eutrophication of our oceans.