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Jason Kimberley, PWN Member Australia (G2) & Founder, Cool Australia

As Cool’s Founder, Jason took the scenic route to get to where he is today. Having worked in fashion, photography, retail, warehousing, stockbroking, wholesale, building, fruit picking, cattle herding, roof repairs, a restaurateur and even a published author of two books, his cap has so many feathers in it; it flies north for the winter. When he is not doing Managing Director stuff (that’s the technical term), Jase enjoys a cold VB, a freshly speared mud crab and supporting the Sydney Swans (you think you know someoneā€¦). Much like his hero, Willy Wonka, you never know what to expect with Jase, although, unlike his hero, he doesn’t currently have a working chocolate river in his house (emphasis on the word ‘currently’). At the heart of Jase is an adventurer who loves his family, friends and making the world a ‘cooler’ place for the future.