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Andrew Pitcairn, 4th Generation Pitcairn Family Member (United States)

A fourth-generation family member, Andrew actively serves as Chair, Pitcairn Family Council. Established in 1982, The Pitcairn Family Council is a platform for recognising talent, educating family members, identifying and implementing solutions for connectedness and interfacing Directors, management and owners. Additionally, Andrew is a member of the Pitcairn Board of Directors, co-trustee of Pitcairn family trusts, Chair, Governance Committee, member of the Risk committee and an advisory member to the Capital committee. Andrew is also a guest to the Trust committee. Recognised as a published author and passionate speaker, Andrew regularly serves as an expert at family office and family business forums on topics related to family council, governance and engaging the next generation. Andrew’s desire for knowledge and growth led to the creation of Family Council Concepts, a collaborative peer group of eight family council chairs whose discussions cover the challenges, concerns, successes of multi-generational families with current and post-operating companies. He is Chair, Trustee committee of the Meadowbrook School Board as well as a member of the Advisory Board at St. Joseph’s University – Haub School of Business. Andrew also sits as Lead Director and Governance committee Chair of Cabot-Wellington, a Boston based single family office.